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Emotional Quotient Training
By understanding the role of our emotions and the emotions of others in the workplace, we understand what influences how we act and react throughout our day, which are the cornerstones of effective leadership.

The “hard” side of business – strategic planning, driving results, overseeing the financials, and establishing and evaluating performance metrics requires laser focus. But there is a "soft" side - the human element. How often do you allow yourself the opportunity to reflect each day and ask the mindful questions, “what worked well,” and “what could I have done differently, or my team, to achieve a better outcome?” 

When we are emotionally intelligent, we take the critical steps to be successful by motivating and inspiring our teams through five key elements of emotional intelligence:

  • Self-awareness

  • Self-regulation 

  • Internal motivation 

  • Empathy 

  • Social skills

Encourage team synergy through emotional quotient training

Our Lunch & Learn series is designed to address the specific needs of your office. During the discovery process, we gain an in-depth understanding of the barriers interrupting the flow and synergy of your day to day operations. We work with management and staff in small and engaging groups to build upon skills and learn techniques related to navigating emotions and boundaries, employee engagement, conflict resolution, and assertive communication.  

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