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Good leaders make money. GREAT leaders earn profit.


Top performing financial advisors mind their bottom line. We have firsthand knowledge that the best advisors are crystal clear who their ideal clients are and how they serve them. They know, with certainty the lifetime value of those relationships. It takes great leadership and support to focus an entire team on the most important things. 

Beacon Partners was established because we are passionate about supporting top advisors and all levels of your financial planning and wealth management business, so you can focus on what matters most. 

Meet The Team

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Meg Hanington, EPC

For twenty-five years Merrill Lynch positioned itself as the original standard bearer of modern-day industry excellence, Meg learned, flourished and became a subject matter expert. She took that fundamental knowledge of critical thinking, technology, marketing and business development with her when she moved on in 2008. For the next several years that followed, Meg supported successful independent financial advisors as they strengthened and grew their businesses.  

After supporting others in their success and identifying opportunities to guide others, Meg realized she too could have more.  


She knew that she could attain more independence, more autonomy, more flexibility, more financial stability, and more choice to work with and serve her ideal clients, and to provide them with exactly the right solution for them. 


Meg comes from a long line of successful business owners and the entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in her blood. She knew that these were the very same things that independent financial advisors seek, when breaking away and so, she picked up her toolbox with her lifetime of wisdom, experiences, intellectual property and unwavering passion, and Beacon Partners was formed.  


Meg delights in the moments where her advisor clients become re-energized, excited and motivated. Her guidance helps them to refocus on why they became an advisor in the first place doing what they LOVE to do.  


When you love what you do, it is evident in all aspects of your life. That passion can also be seen in her love of old movies, cooking, reading, traveling and enjoying her summer traveling on her boat “Wine Down”.  


Genevieve E. Thayer, EPC

Genevieve served as an integral team member of several successful wealth management businesses during her nearly 20 years in the financial services industry. Due in a large part to the support she provided, the advisors she worked with were able to achieve freedom and growth.


Genevieve decided to do more for herself, her career, and two daughters. She wanted the same freedom and independence she had given others, to decide when, where, and how she worked to gain the flexibility she desired to pursue her personal interests and professional goals.

This was only possible if she OWNED her future and in 2019, she made the leap and became an entrepreneur.   

Genevieve has focused her extensive experience in operations, compliance, technology, and administration, to help financial advisors achieve remarkable success and freedom they desire. Each business she was instrumental in supporting succeeded by minding every detail of their day-to-day responsibilities and learning the delicate balance of delegation as they build and scale their business. It takes courage to trust the people on your team and that is the hallmark of every great leader.


Genevieve’s passion lies in guiding entrepreneurs to adopt a holistic approach toward business leadership and growth that encompasses every facet of their internal operation. 

She finds balance and peace when she is closest to the water. Vacationing at her family home on Long Beach Island, soaking up the sun and enjoy summer nights with her family is her favorite place to be. 

Mike Headshot.jpeg

Mike Skrypnek
Strategic Partner

After his first thirteen years in the wealth management industry, everything changed. Heading home in September of 2008, Mike was in traffic, stuck in a snowstorm, sitting in his brand new Audi Q7, heading to his brand new custom built home, while listening to the daily market update on the radio – as recorded by him an hour earlier, telling the world Lehman Brothers had just collapsed. On the surface everything seemed like it was going great, while at that moment he hated everything about his “greed is good” daily existence.

“Life has to have more purpose than this”, he thought, so Mike made a commitment to live his passions every day and not just at home on the weekends and evenings, by shifting his entire business from a culture of hoarding to a life of giving.


In just a few years from that moment, Mike had built a purpose driven business that was 10x’s bigger, working with fewer ideal clients, taking three months away from work every year and having guide millionaire next door families to direct over $12.5 million to charity while savings millions in taxes. After 22 years, Mike retired from his role as Portfolio Manager and Legacy Planner. He now serves advisors and leaders, to realize their impact, get freedom and live their dreams.


Mike lives, loves and plays with his family in the Sea to Sky Corridor of British Columbia, Canada. He is passionate about adventure and enjoys snowboarding, mountain bike riding, paddle boarding and hiking.

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