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Pierina Thayer, LCSW, LCADC, CCS is a practicing psychotherapist and addictions counselor, speaker, clinical supervisor, and executive coach with more than 30 years of clinical, professional and leadership experience. She has an active and diverse psychotherapy practice in downtown Princeton addressing the needs of the greater community, including individuals from area academic, professional, creative, and scientific communities. Pierina is an expert in relationship dynamics, and communication skills in the personal and workplace environments.


Pierina provided individual psychotherapy and psychoeducation, curriculum development, mentoring and clinical supervision for professional licensure of graduate staff, at Princeton Behavioral Healthcare Systems, at the Mount Lucas Outpatient site for more than ten years. In addition to her work in each of the outpatient programs, which included the adult, young adult, senior, and addiction programs, she served as a member of the professional team, which created, and continued as a member of the elite team working in the flagship, outpatient, Men’s Trauma Program at Mount Lucas from its inception in 2011, until she left the organization in 2018. The specialized, first of its kind program nationally, continues to provide superior intensive outpatient psychiatric care, and treatment for men who have experienced trauma, including military, and first responders, for symptoms related to PTSD, Substance Abuse, Mood Disorders, Co-occurring, and other psychiatric disorders. Pierina received training at the Beck Institute at Philadelphia, PA for the treatment of suicidality, and military service members.


Pierina implements approaches including, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, (DBT), Psychodynamic, Self-Compassion, and Mindfulness in her practice. Pierina’s curiosity and knowledge about human nature, neuroscience, and how they interface in everyday life, provides a unique practicality and clarity to her psychotherapy, and coaching approaches.


Pierina has worked extensively as a CEO, and as a Consultant in the non-profit sector, working with government and private agencies, and has served on numerous public and private boards, commissions, task forces, and committees throughout her professional career. In the 1980’s, following the Mount Laurel Decisions, she was appointed to the Affordable Housing Board Task Force, charged with drafting the Princeton Borough Affordable Housing Ordinance, which was later passed by mayor and council, and she served as a member, and Chairperson of the Princeton Borough Affordable Housing Board for three sitting mayors. Pierina was active in increasing access, and expanding area resources and social services, and she served as a member and chairperson of the Mercer County Human Services Advisory Council.

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