Business Development: Organic Growth Through Client Advocacy

As an entrepreneur, your business development plan should include various initiatives focused on business growth, many of which are interdependent. These initiatives could include creating and or deepening relationships with your centers of influence or expanding your social media presence. Today’s discussion will explore one of the many ways to nurture

and expand your book organically through client advocacy.  

Ensuring that each of your clients become your best advocate begins with designing an optimal client experience and can only be accomplished once you truly know the needs and values of each client. In order to do that, you must put yourself in their shoes and critically evaluate your servicing model from the client’s perspective. 

Creating positive and impactful encounters begins the moment your phone is answered, or clients are greeted in your reception area. Every detail counts – each team member must be fully engaged and mindful of its value.  If you share a building with other offices, you’ll want to assess what your client’s initial impression of your building or the parking lot may be – what does it look like, smell like, feel like etc. Collectively, these experiences and impressions may impact your client’s desire to be your advocate. 

Take a moment to remember a time when you were the customer. This may have been at your favorite hotel, restaurant, or car dealership. The experience was so amazing that it left an indelible mark, and you continue to share it.

Reflecting on that moment, what made it so memorable? Was it the concierge service that made you feel as though you were their best customer? From welcoming you with a handwritten note in your room at the hotel, to knowing your favorite seat at the restaurant – these positive experiences have one common element. The business understands what their client's value -- feeling special, important, and welcomed. 

What steps are you taking to fully understand what your client's value? When you invest the time to learn those value systems and incorporate them into your servicing model, your clients are poised to become your best advocate. 

Beacon Partners helps you navigate through the process of creating a well-rounded client experience for your firm. Call or email us today to begin Your Beacon Journey!


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