Moving Toward Success: Peak Performance through Emotional Quotient

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

As entrepreneurs we are called upon daily, weekly, and monthly to maintain the strength of our business and ensure its continuous momentum. Deciding what to do, how to do it, and when to do it can be overwhelming. The “hard” side of business – strategic planning, driving results, overseeing the financials, and establishing and evaluating performance metrics requires laser focus.

But there is a "soft" side - the human element. How often do you allow yourself the opportunity to reflect each day and ask the mindful questions, “what worked well,” and “what could I have done differently, or my team, to achieve a better outcome?” 

When we are emotionally intelligent, we take the critical steps to be successful by motivating and inspiring our teams through five key elements of emotional quotient:

  • Self-awareness

  • Self-regulation 

  • Internal motivation 

  • Empathy 

  • Social skills

As a leader, if you are not operating at your peak how effectively are you motivating and inspiring your team? As a leader, are you taking ownership of your role and your responsibilities? Do you assertively communicate with colleagues and clients? 

Do you know where you end and where others begin -- boundaries? When we understand the role of our emotions and the emotions of others in the workplace, we understand what influences how we act and react throughout our day, which are the cornerstones of effective leadership.


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