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Virtual Contractors Help Financial Advisors Make the Best Use of their Time

Co-Authored by Results Resourcing and Beacon Partners

This article is the final entry in a three-part series. Earlier articles examined the many benefits independent financial advisors experience when outsourcing certain non-core duties to virtual freelancers. Today, we analyze the time-saving and financial advantages of partnering with administrative and technical virtual contractors.

An independent financial advisor’s days are filled with research, advising clients, generating new leads, and searching for ways to grow their business. Unfortunately, this leaves them with very little time for the critical task of managing the actual business and the tasks that support it.

Many advisors gravitate towards taking it all on themselves. From marketing to technology support to administrative work, it’s often believed that keeping it on their own plate will save them money and be easier to manage. However, those important, but non-critical tasks can add up and quickly become overwhelming.

The truth is that time spent doing those non-revenue generating tasks will impact productivity, facetime with clients, and ultimately, profitability. Then the question becomes: what can I deprioritize?

While routine administrative tasks seem like a good choice to push to the back burner, once too many of them accumulate, those small jobs can look like an insurmountable mountain and can impact operations.

A similar problem occurs when it comes to technology. For example, marketing and promotion are essential for every financial advisor, especially an independent financial advisor who has recently embarked on their career. A key element to any marketing plan is a home base – a website where social media, email, and all other communication lead.

However, setting up and maintaining a website is its own job. It can be challenging for an independent financial advisor to find time to set up a website, integrate a social media feed, and maintain it to ensure that content is fresh and it’s getting the necessary traffic to grow awareness.

That’s where Beacon Partners can help. Beacon Partners advises independent financial advisors on how to build a successful business. With decades of experience in the industry, the team will help you to discover the best path for you as a business owner and an independent financial advisor.

To help their clients prioritize their time by finding solutions to their administrative and technical needs, Beacon Partners entered into a partnership with ResultsResourcing, a leading talent curation and freelance recruiting platform. ResultsResourcing matches independent financial advisors with virtual contracting admin and tech talent. ResultsResourcing does this by virtually vetting every freelancer, curating the most qualified candidates, and enabling their clients to then decide on the best-matched contractor for them.

“One of the best aspects of working with virtual contractors is that you have access to a massive pool of top talent from all over the country,” said Elizabeth Eiss, CEO of ResultsResourcing. “Thanks to cloud computing and countless options for instant communication and file sharing, the infrastructure is in place. You can be in Dallas, have a tech go-to in Chicago, and have an administrative assistant in Boise. The three of you can communicate and work together seamlessly as if you were all in the same office.

“Working with virtual contractors is the same as working with any coworker. As long as both parties are clear about expectations, deadlines, and job responsibilities, there should be no problems at all. Also, we understand that getting down to the nitty-gritty details is not everyone’s skill set. So, we work with every client to ensure that the job description is clear and detailed before searching for candidates.”

Virtual contractors are also cost-effective since you only employ them on an as-needed basis. If you're curious about virtual freelance contractors and how they can benefit your independent financial advisor business and help you better use your time, check out the proprietary ResultsResourcing ROI of Time calculator to discover the actual value of your time and where you can gain some back.

Beacon Partners is excited about these opportunities provided by virtual freelancers. For more info, please send an email to to schedule a complimentary 30-minute conversation.

Please reference RRART#3 in the subject line.

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